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No limit crazyness hard sound ! All done with aGameboy these 2 tunes offers one side very bugcore:speedcore :driving mad and still very musical : melodies, variuations, surprises and inventive structures... The flip is still very electro but carry a more Grind state of mind, as well with loads of creatives surprises.Defenitly a musicology of hardness little recipient ! a must have for all chiptunes lover !The 7' comes with a sticker.

Rouge De Colere HS 02


Formát: 7" RED
Název: The Chiptunes Cleaner
Label: Rouge De Colere
Země: FR
Kategorie: HARDCORE
Styl: Speedcore, Cheaptunes, Electro Grind
Váha: 0.15 kg

212 Kč

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B - Oleksander - Journey Between Eris And Sedna