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250 Copies LTD with Printed SleeveSpeedcore industrial rocket. Very lyric anbd orchestral. Starts with a 260 BPM booster. And then offering a 160 BPM Harcore newskool hidding a 320 BPM crazynesss from Middle M. The flip starts with another 260 BPM kicker, a flashcore wave... and the EP finally finishes at 400 BPM for the extreme uptempo lovaz !D-Sign by VSTEE FDB

Destruction -1

Lawrencium, Les Bouchers, Middle M

Formát: 12"
Název: Destruction -1
Label: Destruction
Země: FR
Kategorie: HARDCORE
Styl: Flashcore, Speedcore, Hardcore
Váha: 0.25 kg

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A1 - Lawrencium - Pain - Les Bouchers Remix

A2 - Middle M - Cherubikon

B1 - Lawrencium - Asylum

B2 - Lawrencium - Touch Of Death