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Parádní a originální album od mistra Limewaxe! Pouze 1 ks skladem v Praze! 

Insane times like these call for insane measures to counter all that's going to shit in music these days. Great music in all its glorious forms should be timeless with no expiration date. Here at PRSPCT this has always been our mission and especially now this should count for every record any of the labels releases.

Thank god we got Limewax aka Maxim Anokhin in our ranks delivering a work so unique, only this artist could even be capable of producing. An album that for sure will survive the test of time and not lose any of its relevance in the years to come.

Limewax at his absolute best bringing his signature out of the box sound. Snaredrum warfare. Pots & pans, Moodswings, Weirdness, Dancefloor smashers and total mindfuckers. Settime LP by Limewax is a record any lover of good music needs in his or her life.


Baseck, Dolphin, Limewax, Swift, [KRTM]

Formát: 2X12"
Název: Settime LP
Země: NL
Kategorie: HARDCORE
Styl: Hardcore
Váha: 0.48 kg

Upozornění: poslední kus skladem!

799 Kč

(doba dodání pro ČR 1-3 prac. dní, mimo ČR 3-7 prac.dní)

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