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Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson return to the Go Deep label for their third album, ‘This Bit of Earth’. Beginning work in the relative normality of 2019 and finishing over the strange summer of 2020, the resulting music mirrors the thoughts that such upheaval brings out - our world and our place in it - while also functioning as a kind of travelogue of journeys past and planned, real and imaginary.

Go Deep 04

Fish Go Deep

Formát: 12" LP
Název: This Bit of Earth
Label: Go Deep
Země: UK
Styl: House, Deep House, Electronica
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A1 - This Bit of Earth

A2 - Suburban Key

A3 - The Sweetest Sound

A4 - Alice on Jupiter

A5 - Black Trace Dub

B1 - Blue Sky

B2 - High as Scaffold

B3 - I Could See

B4 - Culatra Ferry