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Sharing the spotlight along with the label owner Umwelt on this brand new split EP, Zeta Reticula the Slovenian born artist delivers two tracks of high intensity with distinct energy! Melodic "The Fate Of The Ship Unknown" opens A side with a pure robotic mayhem based upon synthetic strings, rushing leads and frantic arpeggiator flights over seductive vocals. Hostile and heading at the same. Progressive "Documented Contact", coming next, signs an intricate yet groovy electro sci-fi masterpiece made of rolling bassline, moody atmosphere and pounding beats. This is Zeta Reticula at its finest!The Lord of Darkness treats the flipside with a more aggressive sound. As its title suggests, "Hyperspace" propels the listener at light speed through the depths of the universe thanks to a dystopian machinefunk atmosphere where hammering drums fuse with cold layers in Umwelt's typical trademark. Classical electro shaker "Earth To Unknown" concludes this uncompromising 12" with a luminous struct

New Flesh 28

Umwelt, Zeta Reticula

Formát: 12" PICTURE
Název: The Fate Of The Ship Unknown
Label: New Flesh
Země: FR
Styl: Electro
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - Zeta Reticula - The Fate Of The Ship Unknown

A2 - Zeta Reticula - Documented Contact

B1 - Umwelt - Hyperspace

B2 - Umwlet - Earth To Unknown