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Fat goth electro dirty industrial cold machine...

Cabaret Curioux 01

Ashburn County

Formát: 12" LP
Název: Scenes Of The Daily Life In The Rural South
Label: Cabaret Curioux
Země: NL
Styl: Gothic Electro
Váha: 0.24 kg

763 Kč

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A1 - Let's Start The Auctions

A2 - Owls In Love

A3 - She Was Squeezing Her Head And Made A Strange Noise

A4 - Conversations At Midnight

A5 - Buy A Rifle, Man!

A6 - Threat - Sirens Call

A7 - Frogs In The Bayou

B1 - The Cajun Party

B2 - Psychological Turmoil

B3 - The Cause Of Our Fall

B4 - Mental Pain

B5 - Curse The Almighty Pray For Our Mercy

B6 - The Harmonica Woman