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„With ‚Obfuscation‘ Ilia Gorovitz delivers a haunting, polyglot tour de rhythme. Its wiry percussions and multifaceted vocal contributions embedded in a coherent bass-heavy, downtempo, theurgic ambience makes it one of the most captivating records of the year - or, put differently: Simply Bangers!“
Lorenz Erdmann - Moniker EggplantAn Incredible contemporary lp hosting crisp & weighty production gleefully dodging genres whilst nodding its head respectfully to Test Dept & Diamanda Galas thus making this essential !Cherrystones"Gloomy, aggressive, heavy… carefully crafted piece of art”DJ Die SoonIlia Gorovitz' first full solo album on his own Edelfaul imprint is everything but a solo album. Instead of playing all by himself, the multi-instrumentalist and producer laid down drum tracks using heavy treatments, mutilations and a few things that usually not serve as drums. He sent the results to a variety of friends and strangers, inviting them to add their

Edelfaul LP 02

Asja Skrinik, Diana Tarnavska, Diburnagua, Gabby, Igor Krutogolov, Infinite Livez, Ofer Tisser, Perperúna, Saskia, Shiomi Kawaguchi, su dance110, Wuzi Khan

Formát: LP
Název: Obfuscation
Label: Edelfaul
Země: DE
Styl: XP, Indus, Electronica, Ambient
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