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This USB key bring the Dysbiosis Album as Wave & MP3. A 1 hour long hard break/drum crazyness collection of tunes chained as alive-set. Then comes 2 folders with the tunes as WAVE and MP3 one-by-one. One folder countains the Trailer Video One folder brings a collection of 80 Flyers images One folder with Radioo Bomb cultissims' logos declinaisonsNOTICE it's also possiblke to ask RADIO BOMB in person to get 2 tunes as dubplate fr 25 euros shipments (to pay to him directly)

Radio Bomb USB Dysbiosis

Radio Bomb

Formát: USB
Název: Dysbiosis
Label: Radio Bomb
Země: FR
Styl: Drumcore, Hardcore, Breakcore, Jungle
Váha: 0.12 kg

505 Kč

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1. Better in Hell [Dysbiosis]

2. World Control [Dysbiosis]

3. War Against the Machines [Dysbiosis]

4. Cut Me Up - 2020 mix [Dysbiosis]

5. Sold my Soul to the Devil [Dysbiosis]

6. New Tek 2020 [Dysbiosis]

7. Maybe he Sold himself to the Devil [Dysbiosis]

8. Lazy-arse Soundboy - Tormented Souls mix [Dysbiosis]

9. Back in the Day [Dysbiosis]

10. 195 Hardcore Beats [Dysbiosis]

11. Crossbreed 2020 [Dysbiosis]

12. Metal Connection 1 - InFlames Remix [Dysbiosis]

13. Metal Connection 2 - Slipknot Remix [Dysbiosis]