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Garage post psyche rock... Modern Jungle’s Prisoners is the Go!Zilla comeback record after 2 years from the last release. Is the beginning of a new sound adventure for the 5 italians - from the psych rock to the search of new sound territories to give life to a concept album about the mental captivity in the urban jungle. A special collaboration with Enrico Gabrielli (Pj Harvey, Calibro 35 etc) that plays sax in “Falling Down Ground” and the german Thomas Hoepker, author of the picture in the front cover: a murales of a forest in the South Bronx that describe exactly what “Modern Jungle’s Prisoners is

Teenage Menopause 26


Formát: LP
Název: Modern Jungle's Prisoners
Label: Teenage Menopause
Země: FR
Styl: Post Psyche
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A1 Intro

A2 Peelings Clouds

A3 Evil Is Satisfying

A4 Red Light

A5 Hailing Is Hailing!

B1 Demons Are Closer

B2 Interlude

B3 Falling Down Ground

B4 Follow Me