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The music of Parallax is part of the foundation of Zodiak Commune Records since 1998. With ZC002 - Sinister Projects EP- and ZC005 - Occult Technology EP, Parallax created timeless underground anthems which are being reflected in the Archive EP. With previously unreleased live recordings, this EP is a well-preserved document of the past whilst being relevant in today's underground techno and acid scene. Parallax his live set was recorded at the legendary "old" Effenaar (Acid City Eindhoven, The Netherlands) while the Zodiak Commune's 10th anniversary was being celebrated. With its massive and no-nonsense acid-techno sound, Parallax transformed the dancefloor into a vortex, fueling up people with positive energy while taking them on his musical journey. A nostalgic journey that will make you crave for more timeless underground bliss! With 2002 Live Pt1 being over 12 minutes long a true story is being told. Enjoy this fine release of the purest acid-techno around!2003 Live Pt1 A dar

Zodiak Commune 25


Formát: 12"
Název: Archives EP
Label: Zodiak Commune
Země: NL
Styl: Acid Live, Hardtek Acid
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - 1998

A2 - 2003 Live Part 2

B1 - 2003 Live Part 1 (première partie)

B2 - 2003 Live Part 1 (seconde partie)