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The new release from Structured Records is signed by the Spanish duo hailing from Sevilla, The Wire Alliance. Delivering their distinctive sound with meticulous production skills made at their studio and created with their analogue and digital gear.¨Mathspace¨ is highly influenced by the old and new sounds from techno, experimental & noise. The first track is an introduction to set us on this journey of paced rhythms and industrial landscapes.

Structured Collective 03

The Wire Alliance

Formát: 12", EP
Název: Mathspace EP
Label: Structured Collective
Země: SP
Styl: Techno, Industrial, Ambient
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A1 - Forgmd

A2 - Sphr conx

A3 - metrgeom rasn

B1 - Isterm

B2 - Vtrx Pentagn