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The third compilation (of four instalments) in the Various Artists catalogue of Pi Electronics is hitting physical and digital stores around the globe on the 10th of February 2023.The concept of releasing artists, who performed at Pi parties (2014-2019) along with musicians who stood close to the label before and during its activity, gathers 18 tracks to the Limitation Compilation.Music by New York City industrial legend Adam X, Swedish master mind producer Peder Mannerfelt and Irish Techno figure, Eomac (also one half of Lakker) finally takes its place on the label catalogue, along with tracks by the electro side of Italian born producer, Alessandro Adriani and the sound-aesthetic of UK hailing musicians, Slave to Society (formerly AnD ) and Sam KDC.Berlin artists Alekzandra and Interviews appear with a synth leaning piece, and a hypnotic, broken techno contribution respectively.You can also meet the sound of Tel Aviv's finest electro duo TV.OUT on this release, which

Pi Electronics VA 07

3.14, Adam X, Alessandro Adriani, Interviews, Peder Mannerfeldt, Sam KDC, Slave To Society, TV.OUT, Zevla

Formát: 2X12" LP
Název: Limitation
Label: Pi Electronics
Země: DE
Styl: Techno, Industrial Techno, Broken Techno
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A1 - Sam KDC - Dominion

A2 - Interviews - Crawler

B1 - Zevla - Yours is Mine

B2 - Slave to Society - Biosphere

C1 - Peder Mannerfeldt - Cut My Step

C2 - Adam X - Raw Experience

C3 - Alessandro Adriani - Kybernetes

D1 - TV.OUT - The Force

D2 - 3.14 - Muck Tolerance