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Since its beginnings, Hypnótica Colectiva has always shown a special interest in the music recorded and released in the city of Detroit.A place with which we have both a blood and spiritual bond because of what occurred there socially and artistically during the 20th century.This love led us to become ambassadors of what was happening there on a musical level, holding cultural events to screen documentaries translated into Spanish, as well as a number of themed sets at our events, dedicated motor city sections in our record shop or recently lectures on the history of the city and its music at the Museum of Illustration and Contemporary Art of Valencia (Muvim).The time has now come to bring all this history, this musical influence, to the editorial section of our label HC records.

Hypnotica Colectiva 16

Alex Martin, Barce, Cignol, Dark Vektor, Mariska Neerman, N-Ter

Formát: 12" EP
Název: Detroit Legacy Vol 1
Label: Hypnotica Colectiva
Země: SP
Styl: Techno, Electro
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A1 - Cignol - Distance

A2 - Barce - Funk Station

A3 - Alex Martin - Megatech

B1 - Mariska Neerman - Stellium

B2 - Dark Vektor - Metaverso Frik

B3 - N-Ter - We Will Emerge