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Up and next on the releases are Decka & Roseen with "Keynote", introducing their first ever collaborative musical project.With "Message From The Error System" we dive into an abyss of icy blue vibrations. Just like the alternate rising and falling of the tide, so does this track expand and breathe through a cyclical recurrence of the groove... Cycles and repetition. A cinematic, abrasive polyrhythm will drown all your senses as the frequencies increase and increase. And so does the tension. Until... all of a sudden.. The frequency is lost... no more life signals... You feel alone in the cold. You are scared. But slowly... Hope grabs your hand from the water... takes you on the shore and slowly dries your tired and wet body.The storm has passed. Clearing our heads from this apocalyptic sonic journey, B1 jumps in with a distracting and high energy looped cut. A classic, dance-floor oriented percussive and versatile track. Once again, repetition marks a fundamental element of the

Key Vinyl 33

Decka, Roseen

Formát: 12" EP
Název: Keynote
Label: Key Vinyl
Země: DE
Styl: Techno
Váha: 0.24 kg

360 Kč

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A1 - Message From The Error System

B1 - Mechanics

B2 - Captivate