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23H23 is back in town... a superb Crystal Distorsion tune... One of the rare of a kind... Full out love of a music style creator... and all the other tunes trying, tiding and overfooding for more : Ixindamix in her funky live exercise... always surprised me and I luv that sound... Kindaz and his style too... Gravos bugging the tribe for more experimental groove : big 3rd type encounter ! Attention the extract we builded up does not show the end of the tune .. but finally you get 3 minutes of a round confortable kick... ahaha big I say again... 25D, Redge, Assolm System, Gravos... some other 23 heads of all kind will joice you up to the nirvana of the magic clock ! 23H23 of march or november 2023 !... ouuups... 2022 !

23H23 04

25ème Dimension, Assolm, Cali, Crystal Distortion, Gravos, Ixindamix, Kindaaz, Redge

Formát: 2X12"
Název: 23H23 04
Label: 23H23
Země: FR
Kategorie: TEKNO / TRIBE
Styl: Tribe, Pumpin, Acid
Váha: 0.24 kg

574 Kč

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(doba dodání 4-10 prac. dní)

A1 - Crystal Distortion - Gavitron

A2 - Cali - Tavernier

B1 - Ixindamix - Who the Fuck

B2 - Kindaaz - The Crooked Spiral

C1 - Gravos - Close Encounters

C2 - 25D - Particules du Présent

D1 - Assolm - System-D

D2 - Redge - Janis Floydrix