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Waou ! First tune brings a pumpin sweet mental calmed down Tribe mid-night humble sound... Tribal and trancy at some points... Splendid ! Nesh then goes twirly acid... Submarine cruiser style !The flip opens with Six Ou Sept and a tribal speeder, with some industrial Acid threatenning sounds... Last but not least ^^ Insane Teknology swing a Tribe, monumental progression up to the Nivrana !Printed sleeve for a thick plate !

Mechanika 02

Andrew Mechanika, Insane Teknology, Nesh, Six Ou Sept

Formát: 12"
Název: Subway Distortion
Label: Mechanika
Země: IT
Kategorie: TEKNO / TRIBE
Styl: Tribe, Freetekno
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - Andrew Mechanika - Subway Distortion

A2 - Nesh - Omega

B1 - Six Ou Sept - Cookie Cutter

B2 - Insane Teknology - Traffik