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Number 5 of the Network 23 remastered repress series is a split with 2 tracks of Crystal Distortion on the A-Side and 2 tracks of 69db on the B-Side. This release contains 4 pretty obscure tracks that have been very hard to find in the past but are now finally available.

Network23 EP 05

69DB, Crystal Distortion, R-Zac

Formát: 12" EP, CLEAR
Název: Untitled
Label: Network23
Země: FR
Kategorie: TEKNO / TRIBE
Styl: Tribe, Freetekno, Rave
Váha: 0.24 kg

386 Kč

Skladem u distributora
(doba dodání 4-10 prac. dní)

A1 - Crystal Distortion - Beat Frequency (2nd Mix) 1994

A2 - Crystal Distortion - Drumkode 1998

B1 - 68db - The Tunnel (kgb 001) 1995

B2 - 69db - Trip-Le Time 1998