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Pure Beauty ! Grey marbled transparent record... fat cut ! Bassy Hardtek or techno when played 33RPM... Pressed 45 RPM. Quiet old school tribe from the most beautiful techno couple on earth ! A strange record where Hit Hat have been puuled away... get free of high freqs to enjoy the true real techno idea of an elelectronic creation, getting' rid of the Hit hat reflex.... Crazyness :) Notice here we offer a listen at 33RPM 8, in a Techno downtempo, quiet Doom and totally great as well.... is this an accident ?

Ptit Gris 14

Corps A Core

Formát: 10" GREY MARBLED
Název: I'm A Hit Hat
Label: Ptit Gris
Země: FR
Styl: Old School Tribe, Depitched Doom Hadr Techno
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A - Storm - 45 RPM

B - Paint - 45 RPM

Side B - Paint played 33RPM 8

Side A - Storm played 33RPM 8