Odběr novinek

Superb new Endokrin familly EP, with 4 tunes of pure pleasure : Doodax open the dance with his fat kick and shouting acids flirting with noise... Samoth brings a pinch of mental DSP sounds-like, a ways that lead nowhere, lost in the pump with a long space travelling bridge in the middle.... Then B side opens with SunFlower : a first time on vinyl for Anna Scheele. Superb little minimal old school tribe, kind of an encounter between noisebuilder and Ixindamix... Asher & Jamsh finish the job with a melodious acid grower. Cool story telling. This record really sounds and looks like what it is : an underground familly sound.

Oniroblaste 12

Anna Scheele, Asher, Doodax, Jamsh, Samoth

Formát: 12"
Název: ONIRO12
Label: Oniroblaste
Země: FR
Kategorie: TRIBE
Styl: Hardtek, Acid Tribe, Old School Tribe
Váha: 0.24 kg

297 Kč

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A1 Doodax - Inner Mind

A2 Samoth - Chernobyl Generation

B1 Anna Scheele - SunFlower Frequency

B2 Asher & Jamsh - Tinkle No Acid