This is a Double LP Gatefold Silver plate !Bacchus Harsh is the alias of Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist Christian Bishop. Predominantly known in international music circles as Australian breakcore pioneer Xian, Bishop has expanded his already widescreen musical horizons to embrace an even broader creative cosmos under this new alias. Bacchus Harsh is the sonic embodiment of occult-themed electronics and deconstructed club music. De-territorializing exotica, occult psychedelia and industrial techno with polyrhythms and distorted blast beats, Bacchus Harsh confuses the dance floor.Caveat Tumultum is an expansive double LP of icy post-breakcore industrial heaviness, where hallucinogenic cinematic atmospheres collide with sample-driven mania and complex mechanical rhythms. The resulting album is a 60-minute masterclass in foreboding electronic production, dystopian sonic manipulation and the thrillingly visceral experience of true underground party music.

Heavy Machinery 11

Bacchus Harsh

Name: Caveat Tumultum
Label: Heavy Machinery
Format: 2X12" LP SILVER
Country: AS
Style: Noise, Post-Breakcore, Experimental, IDM, Industri
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01 - Begin the Ceremony - Dionysus Disciplined

02 - Ascensus Christi ad Inferos

03 - Taboo and Exogamy

04 - The Waiver of the Flesh

05 - The Impossibility of Transcendence in the Eyes of an Operating Thetan LVIII

06 - Salix Babylonica

07 - Repentless

08 - Expulsion at Old Calabar

09 - The Cry of the Curlew

10 - Existential Dreg

11 - Romance LLC