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Sound Metaphors 23 03

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Spiral Tribe founding members Sebastian Vaughan and Simon Carter empty their pockets yet again in the second step of this R-ZAC trilogy from the pioneering original Spiral Tribe times. A side coming on strong at a good solid 180 BPM, with almost 10 minutes of a tripped out excursion in metallic transient melodies over spiraling bass lines and drastic changes of tempo throughout. Moving on to another charging wall of bass and kick on the B side generously setting the groundwork for vocal sample playfulness to unfold. Last but not least, last track on this iconic powerful layering of rhythmic patterns that move throughout a 160 BPM grid in motions reminiscent of celestial bodies orbiting each other in parabolic trajectories. Originally released in 96 and brought back to the needles of your record players in remastered vinyl format.

Sound Metaphors 23 03


Formát: 12"
Název: 2 (Spiral Tribe)
Label: Sound Metaphors 23
Země: DE
Kategorie: TEKNO / TRIBE
Styl: Tribe, Freetekno
Váha: 0.24 kg


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A - Demon

B1 - Monotone

B2 - Y