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WHAT IS SDORVIA ?Sdorvia is an artificial country located at the East of the East, almost at the West… - 2 700 000 inhabitants - Capital: Kepta Before 1984, this little nation was strong, central in trades between Europe and Asia, with prosperity, economical vitality, and a rich culture. But everything changed when General Kavshen took the power from the people in 1984. Sdorvia became an authoritarian dictatorship and all those who opposed it were forced to exil. Today Sdorvia does not exist anymore. This country has been forgotten by the international opinion, a cultural noman’s land. General Kavshen in front of the house he grew up in.WHO IS SDORVIA DESKO ?Sdorvia Desko, it’s a Rap Electro band from this artificial country. The members of this band are dissidents who met in the squats and cellars of the capital, Kepta. At that time, they were rapping for youth and resistance and their names were known in the whole country : MC Lugon, Don Rubis, Missila Vanila a

Sdorvia Desko 01

Sdorvia Desko

Formát: LP
Název: Radio Kepta
Label: Prophecy
Země: SZ
Styl: Conceptual, Imaginary Folktronic
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01. Sdorvia Desko - Introduction ( extrait )

02. Sdorvia Desko - Bonobo Lobotomia ( extrait )

03. Sdorvia Desko - Radio Sdorvia ( extrait )

04. Sdorvia Desko - Metoo ( extrait )

05. Sdorvia Desko - Kepta Telefoni

06. Sdorvia Desko - Poon Saka ( extrait )

07. Sdorvia Desko - Yani ( extrait )

08. Sdorvia Desko - Nothing ( extrait )

09. Sdorvia Desko - Life is a miracle

10. Sdorvia Desko - Alfa Beta ( extrait )

11. Sdorvia Desko - Liamona ( extrait )