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Zov Zov, a musical project formed by London-based duo Oliver Ho and Tommy Gillard, create a raw soundscape that is very appropriate for the era we are currently living in. The human race depends on destruction, the annihilation of our fellow man and the devastation of our environment, peace and coexistence is just a condition we experience between one war and the next.Songs of Blood And Earth is an EP based on experimentation and the development of intense textures. Blessed Are The Killers opens the A-side of the album with a minimalist first sequence involving only a kind of deep bursts and a tinkling sound that can remind us of hunger queues and the isolation suffered when the aggressor force sweeps over a vast territory. Musically, however, the track intensifies with heart-wrenching textures that hover above a haunting and disturbing vocal. On the next cut, The Maim, a constantly interrupting rhythmic structure reigns, which gives the feeling that at some point it will have a pr

Jezgro 07

Zov Zov

Formát: 12", EP
Název: Songs Of Blood And Earth EP
Label: Jezgro
Země: UK
Styl: Experimental, Industrial
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - Blessed Are The Killers

A2 - The Maim

B1 - Amen

B1 - The Holy Murder

B3 - Godess Of The Hunt